A Creative Manifesto: For Creatives and Creativists

One: Going Creative

Accepting that my relationship with my own mind and its creative capacities defines all the other relationships in my life, I resolve to foster conscious creative awareness and connection. I seek opportunities to express my truth, offer fresh insights,  foster innovation, and contribute to imaginative outcomes.

Two: Amplifying Happiness

Accepting that I and the world need to rebalance a bias towards the conventional, the negative and the destructive, I focus on and accentuate the creative, the positive and the life-enhancing. While not denying any suffering that exists within me or around me, and allowing myself to observe and express the truth of my experience without self-obsession or exaggeration, I practice gratitude and appreciation daily and take steps to foster happiness, in myself and others.

Three: Holding Creative Focus

Accepting that resistance and failure are intrinsic to the creative process, I withdraw my attention from thoughts of fear or doubt, gently and firmly returning my focus on what I want to create. I give myself permission to make mistakes, knowing that when I fail, I will try again, and fail better next time. I recognize creative anxiety for what it is and don't let it lead my life.

Four: Returning To Now

Accepting that life is only ever lived here and now, and that my mind has a tendency to overthink the past and the future, I connect with the present moment whenever possible, in the interest of  generating creative presence.

Five: Cultivating Space and Silence

Accepting the importance of daily practice to balance and flow, I engage flow-practices (like F-R-E-E-Writing and weekly create date) and release-practices (like Inspiration Meditation) to fortify my intentional making-practice. I regularly cultivate space and silence, inside and around me.

Six: Passing On What I Know

Accepting that society evolves one person at a time, I encourage others to go creative too, inspiring them primarily by example, but also by writing, speaking and otherwise expressing what I’ve come to know.

Seven: Conducting Flow

Accepting that creative expansion is always possible, I commit to becoming ever more creative in my work and my life, including my relationships with other people, animal and plant life, money and the material world. In all circumstances, I open to being a conduit for creative flow

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Date:  __________________________

This manifesto appears in my book A Compendium For Creators

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