7 Characteristics of the Creatively Intelligent.

And seven questions for you to ask yourself about your own creative characteristics.  P1010229

  1. Creatively intelligent people welcome challenges. ‘Every problem is an opportunity in disguise': rate your agreement with this statement on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ‘I strongly agree' and 10 being ‘I strongly disagree'. (yes every problem). What does this tell you about you?
  2. Creatively intelligent people allow time to think creatively. What would you do if you'd all the time in the world?
  3. Creatively intelligent people take risks from a place of safety. Are your safety settings hemming you in?  How?
  4. Creatively intelligent people tolerate ambiguity. Could you replace the word ‘but' in your sentences with ‘and'?  What happens if you make every single ‘but' an ‘and'?
  5. Creative intelligent people allow mistakes. Welcome them, actually (see # 2 above). Think back to a mistake you made that made you cringe — what happens if you don't label it a mistake? If you think of yourself welcoming it?
  6. Creatively intelligent people accept the obstacles. If it was easy, anyone could do/make/have it.  When it gets challenging, or tricky, or demanding, how do/will you respond? (Hint: # 1, #3 & # 5 help here.)
  7. Creatively intelligent people question assumptions: What ABCDEs do you hold?  How do they stand between you and the following a) Making more money? b) Pursuing an artistic goal? c) Making more love? d) Having more fun?

You'll only get something from these questions if you answer them – as opposed to just reading them.

For best results and outcomes, F-R-E-E-Write your answers.

Happy hatchings!

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