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The creativist club is for you if you are starting, running or developing a business centered on passion, mission or sense of purpose.

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The Creativist Club: Membership Levels

The creativist club has three membership levels depending on which phase of the process your creative business is in:
Vision Membership is for those who are just starting out. It provides clarity around what business model you should choose and a pathway to progress.
Making Membership is for those whose business model is decided. It applies creative principles that breathe new life into your craft, processes, assets and entrepreneurial efforts.
Success Membership is for those whose business is established who want to grow their income and influence. It offers moderated accountability structures for continuous improvement.

You can find out more about the membership levels here.

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The Creativist Club: The Benefits

As a creativist club member you receive the following:

  • Quarterly and Monthly Online Workshops: Quarterly Creative Business Planning Sessions and Monthly Themed Workshops, with the opportunity to have your individual questions and challenges answered, live.
  • Library. Maps, tools, books and other resources: These cannot fail if you follow them. Club members receive all Orna’s Go Creative! ebooks free and you’ll be the first to know when a new one has been released. The Library contains a growing bank of downloads and resources that are only available to members.
  • Closed Facebook forum (The Creativist Café). This is not unmoderated chatter, but dedicated and talented creative entrepreneurs supporting each other, sharing tips and tools, wins and challenges, and collaborating where appropriate.
  • Studio Workspace (Success Members). Dedicated online workspace where a moderator holds you accountable for taking your creative intention from desire to done.
  • Creative Business Programs that are unique to you and personally-tailored.

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the creativist clubI started The Creativist Club because I could see so many creative entrepreneurs struggling to apply conventional business advice, doing things that were never going to work for creatives, and working too hard at all the wrong things.

They hadn’t been taught how income and influence are created in a today’s digital business environment.

I also felt that I, and other like-minded creativepreneurs in the club, could help those who were put off by the very idea of being in business, and enable them to apply their creative skills to money, so they could make a living doing what they most love to do.

We are managing to do that, and every member makes us stronger.

If you’re struggling to make a living, I know what that feels like. I’ve been there. Today, I run my own successful author business and also the large, global non-profit Alliance of Independent Authors–but I was once somebody who ran out of the room whenever the talk turned to money and business.

I was the crazy creative in a family of successful, businesslike parents and siblings. And I’m still more than a bit number-blind. And tech-befuddled.

If the only way to do business was the conventional way, I’d never have gone there. But these days it isn’t the only way.

It isn’t even the best way.

As one of my favorite creative coaches, Martha Beck, puts it: “conformist behavior is no longer the key” to high income or job security, never mind health and happiness. Though it looks unstructured and unreliable from the outside, “the best way to make your fortune in today’s economic climate,” she says “is to master the spontaneous [and] creative.”

That’s what we empower and encourage each other to do in the Creativist Club: master the spontaneous and creative and apply it to business.

Oh, and to every other aspect of your life, while you’re at it.

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The Creativist Club: Integrating Life and Work

Work and life are not supposed to be balanced off, one against the other. They are integrally related.
the creativist club

Successful creativepreneurs are creativists, not just creatives. We apply the same process to all aspects of our lives.

In The Creativist Club, we are mindful of that. We don’t just talk about creative work but also creative rest and creative play.

We know that rest and play are not breaks from the process, they are the process.

All our activities–maps, logs, drafts, deepeners and clarifiers– integrate working and living. Otherwise, we might as well just go and get a job.

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The Creativist Club: Selection & Commitment

In today’s digital environment, you cannot do, have or be it all. You have to choose. And that’s good. Contrary to what some people think, conscious creation and manifestation is not about having more and more and more (that way lies madness and planetary crisis) but about selection and commitment.

You need to know what to hold, what to let go.

Every creative is different and, by definition, the creative way is different too. More fluid, more graceful, more effective. More personal, more individual, more independent, more human-sized.

More fun.

More free.

If you’ve been struggling in your business, trying to follow conventional productivity and motivation methods, maybe it’s time for you to go creative?

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