Creative Calling Card

This is your creative calling card. Send it to other members of the club with whom you’d like to connect or collaborate or ask others to share theirs. It tells us what we most need to know about each other as creatives or creativist.

Find further information about other members on the Club Members Page.


Hi I’m [bp_profile_displayname] from [bp_profile_field field=’Where You Live Now’ tab=’Basics Profile’].

Passion: [bp_profile_field field=”Passion” tab=”Creative / Creativist Profile”]

Mission: [bp_profile_field field=”Mission” tab=”Creative / Creativist Profile”]

Mashion: [bp_profile_field field=”Mashion” tab=”Creative / Creativist Profile”]

Email: [bp_profile_email]

Member Level: [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=”2″]Vision Level[/MM_Member_Decision][MM_Member_Decision membershipId=”3″]Creation Level[/MM_Member_Decision][MM_Member_Decision membershipId=”4″]Creative Success Level[/MM_Member_Decision]