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F-R-E-E-Writing is powerful stuff. Research continues to add more items to the long list of benefits it brings. By lessening psychological stress, it improves immunity to a host of diseases, especially auto-immune disease like ME and chronic fatigue. It reduces blood pressure, helps with brain conditions, and has even been shown to improve liver and lung function.

It seems like magic but brain and body are intimately connected and F-R-E-E-Writing integrates them. Regular practice for a short time also improves mood, cultivates well-being and, key for creatives and creative entrepreneurs, dissolves avoidance, resistance, block and self-sabotage.

The F-R-E-E in F-R-E-E-Writing stand for writing Fast, Raw, Exact and Easy. This F-R-E-E-Writing Notebook holds seven weeks of F-R-E-E-Writing, including space for review and reflection, a daily internal-weather report, and a “Creative Thought for the Day” at the end of each session.

Designed to the perfect dimensions and line-spacing to encourage F-R-E-E-Writing, this notebook contains all you need to see you writing F-R-E-E: Fast, Raw, Exact and Easy.

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