A Life Before. Launching in July on Kickstarter.

Hello, I'm Orna Ross.

In the other half of my online life, I'm founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). Here it's all about my novels and poetry… and my Go Creative! podcast, about living life as a creative and creativist.

You can buy my books in every format in my online store.

Or you can become a patron of the arts and, for a monthly micro-payment, get my latest work, immediately on release (usually two poems and two fiction extracts monthly) and other exclusives.

I always have a book on the go and right now, I'm working on my most ambitious project yet: an epic seven-book series about the life and times of two Irish luminaries: Maud Gonne and WB Yeats.

I know… crazy!

Please send cake…

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BookFest Book Awards: Winner

Awarded to: Circle of Life

Goethe Book Award: Grand Prize

Awarded to: After the Rising