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Have you heard about Patreon, the membership platform that makes it easy for anyone to be a patron of the arts? Through Patreon, readers can directly support the authors they love to read.

I offer various programs for my patrons who are first to read my work, hot off the creative presses, and I also send exclusive monthly mini-books and other benefits.

Choose from three options below. Clicking the orange button takes you through my Patreon page to register and unlock your exclusives.

Poetry Patron

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£2.50 a month: monthly poetry downloads

  • Welcome gift: Pamphlet of inspirational poetry
  • Monthly: Exclusive new poetry chapbook
  • Named on my website as a poetry patron (optional)
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Fiction Patrons

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£2.50 a month: monthly novella downloads

  • Welcome gift: One of my novels in ebook format
  • Monthly: Exclusive new novella
  • Named on my website as a fiction patron (optional)
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All-Access Patrons

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£10 a month: monthly mini-ebooks plus all my books in all formats pre-publication

  • Welcome gifts: downloadable chapbook and novella
  • Monthly: New poetry chapbooks and novellas.
  • Named on my website as an all-access patron (optional)


  • My current and upcoming books, novels and poetry books, in print format, signed and mailed by me, and dedicated to you or the person of your choice.
  • All my previous books, novels AND poetry books, in ebook format, 
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